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Viandante is our boldest creation, a wine of structure and poise modelled on the great vintages of Bordeaux, dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon with an important Merlot supporting act. The varieties may be international, but the lakeside terroir exerts a strong influence and makes this a distinctly Umbrian variation on the theme.Dark ruby with violet tinge, complex and lifted nose of cigar box, blackcurrant leaf and crunchy morello cherry. Distinctively spicy, earthy (goudron) and vibrant on the palate with muscular, yet fine-grained and enveloping tannins. Sophisticated and savoury, impressively long finish.

Pack of 6 mixed bottles

  • Contains:
    n.2 bottles of VIANDANTE del Cielo 2018 - Umbria IGT
    2 bottles of PRISTINUM di Viandante 2019 - Umbria IGT
    2 bottles of LUNGOLAGO di Viandante 2021 - Umbria IGT

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