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Pristinvm (the Latin for ‘original, former, ancient’) is Viandante's homage to central Italy's millennial history of winemaking.


It takes native varieties cultivated over the ages – Ciliegiolo, Pugnitello, Sanforte and Foglia Tonda – and applies the latest in vine-growing and wine-making philosophy to them, blending the varieties in varying proportions according to each year's harvest, to produce a wine of huge finesse.


Full bodied red with intense dark fruited nose, black pepper from Ciliegiolo. Velvety yet definite tannins are enveloped in toasty oak that would release additional layers of complexity over time, although drinking well now since long and energetic.

PRISTINUM by Viandante 2019

  • Contains 3 bottles of PRISTINUM by Viandante - Umbria IGT

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